Gas Heater Repairs in Adelaide

A home in Adelaide that has had our gas heater repairs completed

Plumb it Gas it services and repairs all types of gas heaters makes and models in the Adelaide area.

Having your gas heater inspected and cleaned regularly by an authorised service technician will benefit performance, help ensure safe operation, make sure energy consumption is kept in check and extends the life of your appliance. 
It is recommended that you service your gas heater yearly. Servicing your heater ensures all components are working correctly and the heater is running efficiently & safely.

We service and clean the heater, check for compliant  installation, test for carbon monoxide, and certify the heater is safe to operate.

Service & Repairs to:

  • Gas Space Heaters

  • Gas Fires

  • Gas Wall Furnaces

  • Portable Gas Heaters

  • Gas Convection Heaters

  • Gas Ducted Systems

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